1 Jul 2011

Work in Progress...


We are currently working on creating two amazing blogs. One suited for Art Directors, the other Copywritters. They will be up VERY shortly so keep posted...

3 Jun 2011

9th day...

It's Friday!! Our ideas were sent off to the client on Wednesday and we've just been told one of our scripts for a TV ad was also sent off. We went to the Anchor for drinks at lunch... It was so hot! My arms pretty burnt!

31 May 2011

6th day...

After a long bank holiday weekend we're back and ready for action. We've taken our photos down now. We gathered they may start to scar the Iris posse - especially the ones peering over the male urinals. We presented ideas to the DCD and creatives today and they really likes a few of them! WOHOO. Now we've got tomorrow to get them ready to sent to the client :)

27 May 2011

5th day...

We've been asked to come up with a few scripts for a TV commercial today, which we've found very exciting! Oh to the day when our commercials are aired.

26 May 2011

4th Day...

We're working on another interesting brief today and are settling into Iris well.

It's nice to be in London Bridge right next to the Tate Modern. We had a little inspiration break earlier and moaned about how many millions we could have made if only we'd been able to put such a convincing rationelle to a canvas painted blue with a white spot in the corner.

24 May 2011


We've put 85 photos of us around the creative floor of Iris today. On the front door is a note explaining how 'we know it's hard to put faces to names, so we thought we'd give everyone a helping hand'.

Each photo has our name on it, to make sure everyone can remember who we are :). We'll see how well it works in the next few days. PS: We put photos all over the toilet cubicles too.

23 May 2011

First Day at Iris!

It was our first day at Iris today! We've been put on a very exciting brief and have met a load of people already. We've been working on a sneaky plan to get ourselves noticed around the office... all will be revealed tomorrow...

19 May 2011

UK debt. The ticking timebomb

Watch the UK national debt clock grow by the second... worrying stuff!

18 May 2011

Facebook Blood Groups

This brilliant campaign by TwentyThree in Israel works with 8 facebook groups, which people can join based on their blood type. When people require emergency blood, they turn to the groups and encourage people to donate. Such a simple, genius idea which will save lives. 

17 May 2011

Damien Vignaux documentary...

This is a beautiful documentary by director Damien Vignaux. It interviews two street artists Supakitch and Koralie. This was to promote the website for POSCA, an ink-marker brand. Both artists can be seen using the brand throughout the documentary.

SUPAKITCH x KORALIE x POSCA from elr°y on Vimeo.

16 May 2011


Lovely branding and packaging design by I love Dust, for the allotment in a box.


15 May 2011

Stefanie Posavec

As a great lover of David McCandless's book 'Information is Beautiful' it was a real treat when Stefanie Posavec visited Gyro last week to showcase her work. We were bowled over by the amount of detail and research which goes into each of her beautiful project, all of which show data in stunning, visual ways.

My personal favorite was this iPhone app 'MyFry'. It gives viewers an alternative way to interact with Stephen Fry's latest autobiography The Fry Chronicles. Stefanie divided the book into 4 colour coded sections; people, subjects, emotions and 'Fryisms'. Viewer interact with the book in whatever way they please or read the book in chronological order. It gives a looser, more exciting way to read a book and looks stunning at the same time!

You can see more of Stefanie's work here: http://www.itsbeenreal.co.uk/ or follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/stefpos 

14 May 2011

Hot stuff

Our faces were merged together this week and here are the results: 

Rather attractive, don't you think? 

These experiments have been created for Gyro's 'Humans at work',  it's first project celebrating your mistakes! Get involved people, it can win you a 4 week placement at Gyro: 

13 May 2011

Top 10 most shared viral...

This amateur online advert made it into the 'top 10 most shared virals' of April, alongside brands such as T-mobile, Pepsi, Paramount and VW. The Tempest Free-Running Academy is the first indoor training facility solely dedicated to the growth and spread of free-running/parkour. Everyone would love the ability to fly and become a child again... maybe that's why this scored so highly?

12 May 2011

Google Doodle

Beautiful animation celebrating choreographer and dancer Martha Graham. Our favourite google doodle yet!


11 May 2011

10 May 2011

The Times Rich List

Great print work for The Times rich list by CHI & Partners

9 May 2011

Gmail Motion

A month or so late on this one, but have only just come across it. Not gonna lie, i may have been slightly fooled at first and found myself getting pretty angry at the ridiculousness of the idea. Although I do admit, part of me wishes it was real- the picture in my head of everyone in the office taking part is quite a good one.  Brilliant april fools prank Google! 

8 May 2011

Gyro rebrand

On Wednesday the Gyro rebrand was revealed. Christoph Becker conducted a live video call, uniting the Gyro offices around the world, to unveil the new brand image. To celebrate the rebrand we jumped on a boat, went up and down the river, drank lots and ate lots of canapes. Here is Elena with a Quail egg et onion shavings... Yum? Check out the new branding here:

6 May 2011

4 May 2011

Sculptures in motion

These stunning sculptures by Peter Jansen capture human movement in one single object

3 May 2011

Sheepish sculptures

What a great way to recycle old telephones. These telephone sheep are by Jean-Luc Cornec, from the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt. 


Budweiser Poolball

Now its no lie that im not great at football or pool but this I WANT TO PLAY!! Great idea for Budweiser, combining football and nightlife.  

2 May 2011

Heineken Star Player app

This ground breaking real time iPhone app by AKQA for Heineken is the first of it's kind. It links the users experience with something which is happening right that moment. This coincides with the UEFA Champion's League, allowing people to play along through the matches, play each other and ultimatly play the world.

1 May 2011

Nuffield Health Tworkout

Give your fingers a good old tworkout!


30 Apr 2011

Big up to Henry!

What a cool dude Henry the 8th was. Great illustration by Mason London.

29 Apr 2011

Royal Wedding in Jelly

Malcolm West, an artist from Surrey spent up to 10 hours a dat for 5 weeks using these 11,000 jelly beans to create a portrait of the happy couple. Aw, how sweet (ha)!

28 Apr 2011

Share your status with an African Mother in need

An awareness and fund raising campaign by BBH for an African health development charity is appealing for Facebook and Twitter users to share their accounts with people in Africa for five days. The last status will explain how very small sums of money can save lives, with a link to a website where people can donate.This coincided with Mothers Day in the UK. What a great campaign!

27 Apr 2011


This film shows Daniel Craig dress as a woman to highlight inequality between males and females worldwide. The film was released to coincide with the 'global recognition day for females', which celebrated its 100th birthday on March 8th. The event highlights the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

26 Apr 2011


Loving these sketches by Nick Hilditch and Chris Bell. The pair take interesting and funny tweets which they then illustrate:

25 Apr 2011

Maroon 5 along with a million others create a song in 24 hours

This is a brilliant online event by Wieden+Kennedy for Coca-Cola. Cola have often used music through the years to communicate with it's fans. Here they've taking this notion one step further.

Fans of the Coca-Cola facebook and twitter pages were urged to send in words, photos and quotes which would all be used as inspiration for Maroon 5, who were locked in a room for 24 hours and told to create a song for the brand. It meshed social media together with the event to create an effect that "felt part video game, part pop video and part reality TV show".

24 Apr 2011

Henry Moore at Hatfield House

The Henry Moore exhibition at Hatfield House was a perfect way to spend Easter morning! Some many reclining figures in one place!

23 Apr 2011

Shelter 5 minute awareness film...

This film by Shelter was shown on their facebook page. They hope it leads people to sign a petition on the Facebook page which forms part of a campaign to highlight problems with a minority of landlords in the private rented sector. The film alone has already seen a rise in complaints about landlords by 23% over the past 12 months.

21 Apr 2011

Save lives!

This innovative campaign gets people feeling the notion that they can save lives. There are two hand marks on the chest marked “Push Here”, once pushed, the electrocardiogram monitor starts beeping as if the patients heat had just come back to life, before displaying a message saying “Choose a Career In Public Health” at Save Lives.com. This is clever but it would be interesting to see if it actually makes anyone want to get a job in the public health sector!

20 Apr 2011

100% Au Naturel!

This isn't the best web film ever created but is 100% natural and made entirely out of Burt's Bees lip balm on hand-made natural paper. This is a beautiful way to get their USP of being 100% natural embedded within the media. This is by Baldwin&.

19 Apr 2011

Joe George Photography

Joe George is a good friend and his photography is sick...

18 Apr 2011

Beautiful Rob Ryan card...

This is the most beautiful card i have EVER bought! It's by Northern illustrator Rob Ryan at Roger la Borde and has a gorgeous message on the front in a gorgeous pink (contrasting beautifully with the red and blue) which reads:

Can we. Shall we? One day. Very soon. Let us go away together. Just you and me. Call in sick and go to the sea. And hold hands all day. Eat our sandwiches on the train. Get drunk on fresh air and come home tired and never tell anyone. Ever.

17 Apr 2011

BGT is back!

Loving the sponsorship ads for this years Britain's got Talent:

and here's how they did it-

16 Apr 2011

Shit Scamp!

I produced this incredible scamp today and am quite proud of it! We thought we would share it with you. We've uploaded it to Shit Scamps on tumblr. It's supposed to be a reassuring hold, instead it looks like a molesting stroke.

14 Apr 2011

The happy couple

It is coming up to our 4 month anniversary and we're beginning to understand why people refer to a creative partnership as being like a marriage:

Those little worries at the start: Am I with the right person? - Tick

Spending the majority of our time together - Tick.

Always wondering where each other are - Tick

Finishing off each others sentences - Tick

Baking together - Tick

Beginning to look alike and wearing each others clothes – Tick

Feeling comfortable enough to let out the odd burp or fart - Tick

Joint email account, website and blog - Tick

The constant little worry at the back of your mind that they will find someone better - Tick

13 Apr 2011

Alan Powdrill Photography visits GyroHSR

A photographic agency came into GyroHSR today to show off a few of the guys on their books. We loved Alan Powdrill's work.

12 Apr 2011

Penny Cottee Photography

We love this work by Penny Cottee- gorgeous!